The Youngsters as The Generous Generation

Alvi Rizka Aldyza

We as the students, are part or the young generation in our community.  Even though we are still young, we have to take responsible to improve ourselves to be the good quality and generous young generation in Aceh.
From now, we must start to train ourselves to be good leaders at least for ourselves.  In the first era of the history of Islam, there were many youngsters who had  good moral and became good leaders. For example, Rasulullah (peace be upon on him) appointed Usamah bin Zaid bin Haritsah to lead the Muslim Army to protect Islam from Rome Kingdom in Tabuk.  At that time Usamah was seventeen years of age. Another person was Mu’adz bin Jabal who was appointed by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon on him) to be a judge in the Supreme Court. At that time Muadz was 18 years.  Salim Maula Abu Hudzaifah, at the early age, was the best leader amoung the Muslim youth in Madinah that supported by Khalifah Umar bin Khaththab.
In the first era of muslim history, the youth had shown themselves to be good leaders. We are, who live in the sophisticated era have to improve ourselves that we could also be good leaders that could benefit our people, our nation, and our religion.  The Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, has declared that this province should use Syariat Islam, and this law has given us the chance to improve ourselves according to Syariat Islam. We, as the young generation, should study both Islamic Knowldege and Technology.  Islamic Knowledge will lead us to be good Muslim, and Technology will give us the way to live on earth in an easy way.
In improving ourselves, we can start from home, schools and community.  We have to select our environment carefully, not to involve ourselves in the activities like using narcotics, pornography, and other negative actions.
Home, as the place we stay, is the first place for us where we communicate with our mother, father, brothers or sisters. In our communication, we have to show our good attitudes and to behave well.  We must put ourselves as one of the strong pillar in our family. In another hand, television at home is a window of the world that shows many programs directly to our homes. So, as a good young generation, we should be wise to select the TV programs that we want to watch because not all programs are suitable to our culture and our religion.
School environment is another world that we spend our age about seven hours in a day.  We must take the benefit of school environment as one source to increase our intellectual quality in education and organizational management by using the school facilities such as laboratory, library, and other facilities.
Teachers, as our second parents, should be respected because they have big roles in taking and training us to be good generation.  Do you know, all leaders or famous people on earth should go through the young age era and they were trained by their teachers before they became the famous people.
In living in community, we must show that we are the young generation that have good moral and we are one of the figure or symbol of our family. If we are good, the community will love us and will give respect to our family. But, we are bad, the community will hate us, and our family will be isolated from the community.
So, all my friends… let’s reflect on this matter. That is how to improve ourselves to be the good and generous generation in Aceh.


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3 Responses to The Youngsters as The Generous Generation

  1. Great

    I would like to say congratulation for your great works and creativity and innovation. POTRET magazine will always be your partner to develop your creative writing. Remember that POTRET 33th edition is coming soon this week.

    Best Regard

    Tabrani Yunis
    POTRET editor

    • myschool says:

      Thanks a lot 4 u, Mr. Tabrani.
      Without Potret, me n my friends in Fajar Hidayah can’t start to train ourselves to be the best jurnalist.. once more.. thanks a lot!!

  2. Mr. SW says:

    Selamat atas lounchingnya blog ini… mudah-mudahan makin menambah khasanah keilmuan bagi setiap insan terutama para pembaca dan lebih utama lagi bagi yang mengasuh dan yang mengisinya. amin…
    tapi ko foto saya dimuat juga yah….

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