English Club


English Club is one of 11 clubs at Fajar Hidayah Integrated Boarding School, Blang Bintang, Aceh Besar. This club is supervised and facilitated by two teachers: Ms Safrina and Ms Lena. English Club is really useful for learning and practicing English not only with theories but also with unique activities.

We can play games; sing a song together, find a lot of new vocabularies/words, debate, etc. We can make some creativity for English area together so that whoever wants to join us, they must speak in English. If they are in English area, they also must speak in English too.Sometimes, we make an activity freely if we feel bored and want to look for new situation. We listen to the song! Then, we try to get the meaning of all words from the song, and make us easier to understand and know about English. It is fun!!

Moreover, the members of English Club always enjoy all activities. Although they know that is not our own language, they never give up! They always try and try and never shy to practice even though they make mistakes. They just do more practice to get improvement!


Keep spirit and never give up!

By: Alvi Rizka Aldyza
A member of Fajar Hidayah English Club


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One Response to English Club

  1. pejaas says:

    qami bangga sama qm…..
    qm hebat………
    teruslah berkarya sahabt qu……….
    qami slalu ada untuk mu

    we love u

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